New Fitness App Cherry-Picks Workouts So You Don’t Have To

Created specifically for people who cherry-pick workouts, Adidas’ newest training app, SuperFitcial, looks at your body-type, mindset, and training history, and only chooses workouts that will be comfortable for you.

In an exclusive interview with the Overheard Press, Adidas spokesman Paul Ehrlich explained how the app works.

“First, SuperFitcial aggregates thousands of workouts from gym websites across the globe. It then predicts which workouts you will perform best at and only presents you with those choices.”

Ehrlich explained that the app is constantly learning from user feedback.

“If SuperFitcial presents you with a workout you don’t like, you can decline it. The app will learn, and will help you cherry-pick more effectively over time.”

At the touch of a finger, you can tell the app why you are declining a workout. Built-in responses include:

“That looks too hard.”

“I don’t like running.”

“Not enough barbell.”

“I don’t do longer than 10 minutes.”

and, “I need something more extreme, like battle ropes.”

Adidas hopes that their new app will break the stereotype that all fitness apps are designed for people who actually want to improve their fitness.

“Now people who only want to appear fit finally have an option when it comes to fitness apps.”