Report: Skrillex Fails Lifter for Last Time

Aspiring weightlifter Chase Chesney of Texas will no longer attempt PRs while listening to “Bangarang” by Skrillex.

Chesney, known at CrossFit Max Voltage for his oversized red headphones and ostentatious, aggressive pre-lifting ritual, has deleted his go-to song from his iPod after failing to match his snatch PR of 200 lb. in a recent lifting session.

After no less than 20 misses within 35 minutes, Chesney determined that the song was the issue, not a host of technical errors pointed out by his coach. Chesney confirmed the problem by lifting without success at points in the track other than the “mega-bitchin'” crescendo at 2:55.

“‘Bangarang’ used to fire me up so hard,” Chesney said while warming up for a max clean and jerk, which he tests every other day. “But amp-up music is like coffee: After a little while, you need more than five cups. You might even need an energy drink, y’know?”

Chesney’s coach, John Smith, noted that the music had “literally nothing” to do with the missed lifts, but Chesney remained unconvinced and spent 45 minutes sampling songs on iTunes before selecting Linkin Park’s “Bleed It Out” as his new signature pre-lift jam.

Before donning his headphones and pulling up the hood on his sleeveless sweatshirt, Chesney confirmed he will only lift during “the yelling chorus, not the rap part.”