Reality Winner Proves CrossFit Women Can Leak More Than Just Urine

25-year-old Reality Winner has been charged by the Justice Department with leaking classified information to a news outlet. The leak allegedly provided media with details of a 2016 cyberattack by Russia on a United States voting software supplier.

Winner, an avid CrossFit athlete and 2017 Open competitor, was happy to speak to The Overheard Press via telephone from a high-security jail in Maryland. We were surprised to learn that Winner not only admits to leaking these classified documents, but did so in order to bring more attention to another type of leaking: Exercise-induced urinary incontinence (EIUI).

“Since I began doing CrossFit, I’ve suffered from ‘the workout pees,'” Winner explained. “leaking was a daily part of my life.”

Winner explained that EIUI would cause her to leak during any exercise that involved bounding or ballistic movements, and even while holding her breath to pick up heavy weights. At first she was embarrassed, but after talking to a few other women at her gym, Winner realized EIUI was more common than she thought. 

“I wanted other women to know that they weren’t alone. I knew the best way to raise awareness about urinary incontinence was to leak something more significant than pee.”

Winner recalled the details of the day she took her leakage from the gym to the office.

“I was sitting at work, thinking about how much I hated our newly elected president, when I saw these documents. I knew this was my chance to leak something more significant than a trickle of urine.”

“This was a huge leaking PR for her,” Said Winner’s CrossFit Coach, Connie Miller. “Reality has shown us that leaking can be more than just an involuntary reaction to box-jumps and double-unders. She’s an inspiration to women everywhere. ”

At the time of press, Winner was negotiating a lucrative sponsorship with Poise®.