Man Ruins Family Vacation By Constantly Attempting Handstand Photos

Denver– Pat Robinson planned the perfect summer getaway for his loved ones, but his desperate need for online validation turned his family’s vacation into a living nightmare.

The Robinson family began their trip to South America intending to relax on warm sandy beaches, visit historic ruins and monuments, and experience unique and interesting cultures. They had hoped to make memories that would last a lifetime. Now they want to forget much of what happened.

“It started in the airport,” Said Nick, Robinson’s 14-year-old son. “Before we had even boarded our flight my dad was trying to do a handstand in front of the gate. He kept falling over, and made a big scene. Thankfully, security told him to stop.”

The family was optimistic the need for a handstand photo was out of Robinson’s system, but soon after they landed in Costa Rica, Robinson was directing his family to set down their luggage and attempt to take a photo of him holding a handstand in front of the airport.

“It was miserable,” said Pat’s wife, Tina Robinson. “He kept kicking up and falling over. I was trying to take a picture in the half-second he was in the position of a handstand, but it was impossible.”

“I’ll never get that hour of my life back,” she said, staring off into the distance.

The family recalled nearly a dozen times during the week-long vacation that Robinson demanded help capturing a handstand photo. They recalled how he would bring multiple CrossFit t-shirts from gyms he had visited, doing wardrobe changes between attempts.

At one point in the trip, Tina and the children slipped out of the hotel without telling Robinson where they were going. When they returned, they found the room destroyed, and Robinson slumped against the wall, unconscious.

“He had spent the entire time trying to take a handstand selfie,” Tina recalled, holding back tears. “He had knocked over furniture, put holes in the drywall with his heels, and eventually he cracked his head on the tile floor and passed out.”

While Pat Robinson recovered from the ordeal, his family vacation did not.

“We won’t be taking him with us next time,” Tina confirmed.