Unwanted Eye Contact Turns Partner Stretching Into Nightmare

An outdoor fitness class turned into a nightmarish scenario for Jane Hawkins, who spent nearly 3 minutes trapped in the sexually-suggestive gaze of a male classmate.

Hawkins, who has attended UltraFit Bootcamp classes for just over 3 months, has previously had no issues with the partner-assisted stretching performed at the end of each class.

“The bootcamp is mostly other women,” said the 32-year-old mother of two. “So when we partner up to stretch, I’m always paired with one of my girlfriends.”

That all changed on Saturday, when newcomer Bill “touchy” Jenkins came to class and awkwardly claimed Hawkins as his partner.

“As soon as the coach said to grab a stretch partner, I saw him come right for me.”

“I saw the fear in Jane’s eyes,” said classmate Tina Browne. “I tried to step in but Touchy Bill had already claimed her, and another girl wanted to partner with me. It was just too late.”

The session began with partner-assisted calf stretches, then moved to the hamstrings. Every time Hawkins looked up, Jenkins was staring suggestively into her eyes.

“His eyes were locked on mine. His hands felt cold and sweaty, and his palms were weirdly soft for a man. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.”

After the incident, Hawkins let her coach know that Jenkins had made her uncomfortable. In response, UltraFit Bootcamp instituted a strict “no eye contact” rule for all partner stretches.