Floating ‘Trash Island’ of Discarded Vibram Five Fingers Found in South Pacific

The Vibram Five Fingers was once a popular shoe among CrossFit and barefoot running enthusiasts world wide. Now a massive quantity of discarded vibrates have been spotted in the Pacific Ocean between Chile and New Zealand.

“The quantity of Vibrams there is truly alarming,” Jennifer Lavers, a environmental scientist at Australia’s University of Tasmania, told The Overheard Press. “People aren’t just hiding Vibrams in their closet, they are throwing them in the trash. They don’t want to risk someone finding out they once wore these hideous toe-shoes.”

“Over time, they have been gathered together by Ocean currents,” Laver explained. “Because Vibrams are made of almost indestructible rubber, the discarded shoes do not break down, even years after their popularity has wained.”

Lavers’ team has been researching possible solutions to this ecological disaster, including replacing the floating Vibram island with regular trash.

“It would actually be an improvement if this was just normal garbage. At least that way passing ships wouldn’t have to be reminded of one of humanity’s worst fashion mistakes.”