Garage CrossFit Athlete PR’s Squat, Fails to Complete Laundry

Longtime garage CrossFit aficionado Marie LeClair set an overhead squat PR, but failed to complete the laundry, during a 90-minute training/housework session yesterday.

“The kids were down for a nap and I had 90 minutes to get ‘er done,” LeClair said. “I felt unstoppable today and knew I would PR right after I put the detergent in the washer before my workout.”

Starting her session by folding the clothes her husband had left in the dryer, LeClair quickly loosened hips and hamstrings by hinging at the hips to sort her family’s laundry into eight piles. While holding a lunge position, she loaded the whites into the washer for a hot cycle that would raise the temperature in the garage and aid warm-up.

As the whites got whiter, LeClair warmed up on the barbell between sets of folding, eventually arriving at her working weight for 5 sets of overhead squat triples. With momentum building after getting all underwear folded between sets 3 and 4, LeClair confidently put her PR on the bar, removed the cups from several sets of sports bras, and squatted the weight with authority.

Slightly dizzy, she quickly staggered to the washer to move the whites to the dryer and start a colored load before attempting a PR. With both machines humming behind her, she blasted a PR triple of 155, racking the bar with enough time to pre-soak a stained blouse before ironing a shirt while rolling out her psoas.

Satisfied as she was with the squat numbers, LeClair felt she left some laundry on the table.

“I rested too much after Set 2,” she said as she backed the minivan into the garage. “If I had picked up the basket sooner, I probably could have matched a few more socks.”