Man Sick From ‘Intense WOD’ Actually Just Had Food Poisoning

Amateur CrossFit athlete and self-described “fire breather” Donny Henderson has once again mistaken a physiological response unrelated to exercise for a sign that he was training with “wicked” levels of intensity.

On Friday, Henderson posted a video to Instagram in which the 24-year-old can be seen vomiting into a trash can in the corner of the gym. The caption read “If you want to BE HARDCORE, you have to TRAIN HARDCORE. #intensity #Hardertokill #puke.”

Witnesses told The Overheard Press that Henderson was in fact vomiting after performing the 20-minute CrossFit benchmarks workout “Cindy.”

“He only got 12 rounds,” said one witness. “He was clearly struggling even during the warmup, and his face looked sort of pale and green.”

After he continued to vomit for the next 30 minutes, Henderson was urged by his coaches to go to the nearest emergency room. Doctors diagnosed him with severe food poisoning, likely from under-cooked chicken he had eaten earlier that day.

“This isn’t the first time he’s confused the issuance of bodily fluids with actually working hard,” Said Henderson’s Coach, Dan Evans.

Henderson’s girlfriend agrees.

“He once posted a photo of a sweat-angel, and implied it was a result of his ‘hardcore’ training. In reality, he took that photo after the warm-up, and he totally sandbagged on the workout. He was just sweating because the gym’s air conditioning was broken that week.”