Homeless Denver CrossFitter Prefers Term ‘Urban Outdoorsman’

While historically the term “bum” has been used to describe the parasitic and unrespectable lifestyle of those who embrace homelessness, Dane Cooper prefers to identify as an “urban outdoorsman.”

The 24-year-old sleeps, eats, and trains, within a square mile of Denver’s Commons Park. His equipment includes a variety of odd objects and sandbags he stores behind the dumpster of a nearby shopping center. Locals often spot Cooper stretching and rolling on a foam roller.

“I’m not homeless, this city is my home,” Cooper explained. “Your building’s awning is my office. Your parking lot is my gym. Your sidewalk is my bed.”

Cooper also diligently records his workouts and nutrition in his training journal, usually from the cafe seating at Whole Foods.

“I go there when I need to poop,” he explained.

While the life of an urban outdoorsman may appear austere, Cooper enjoys the warmth of a Patagonia jacket, the luxury of an iPhone 6s, and can frequently be seen carrying Starbucks Coffee.

At time of press, Cooper could be seen carrying a cardboard sign that read “Will do burpees for $$.”