American Heart Association Recommends Replacing Coconut Oil With Mashed Potatoes

Remember when coconut oil was touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread? According to a new report released by the American Heart Association (AHA), coconut oil is not healthy.

The AHA points out that 82 percent of the fat in coconut oil is saturated fat, which is known to lead to arterial plaque build up, stroke, brake failure, and global warming.

AHA Spokesperson Jennifer Miller says the organization recognizes the popularity of coconut oil, and has made recommendations that will help Americans cut back on the deadly substance.

“Instead of coconut oil, those at risk for heart disease should consider getting calories from heart-healthy foods like dry cereal, white bread, and fat-free mashed potatoes,” Miller wrote in an official press release.

“Instead of Bulletproof Coffee, try stirring a spoon full of mashed potatoes into your next cup of joe. This simple change will protect your heart from dangerous fatty acids.”

While Miller recognizes that removing coconut oil from the menu may be difficult for some who are accustomed to the tropical nut, she says the health benefits are undeniable.

“Look at the native populations who consumed large quantities of coconut fat for centuries. They practically had one foot in the grave. Now that we’ve imported highly-refined carbohydrates into their diets, they are healthier than ever.”

Miller also offered practical advice for those starting to follow the AHA’s low-fat dietary approach:

“You will know the low-fat diet is working when you lose some weight, but you look so miserable and unhealthy that people assume it’s because you’re sick. You will also start to feel exhausted and sleepy approximately 30 minutes after your meal. That’s where caffeinated, sugar-sweetened beverages can really help get your through the day.”