Second-Place Finisher in Local Fitness Comp to Switch Coaches Immediately

Liam Welles, second in last weekend’s Beast Lift Rx WOD Battle Royale III competition, has confirmed he will immediately part ways with Stacy Timmerman, his coach of two months.

After being bested in six of six events, Welles took to the 24-inch plyo box to stand 10 points and exactly 6 inches below overall winner Cole Holmes. Welles accepted his second-place jug of protein with displeasure written across his face, and it was clear to all in attendance that a major training shake-up would follow the awards ceremony, most likely in the parking lot outside the gym.

Despite the fact that Holmes was clearly stronger, faster, more skilled and better conditioned than Welles, Welles immediately placed the blame for his loss on his coach. Timmerman, who has sent more than 10 athletes to Regionals over the last five years, had started working with Welles two months ago after he made a series of abrupt coaching changes following the CrossFit Games Open.

“I put together a year-long plan for Welles,” Timmerman explained. “We analyzed his strengths and weaknesses and set a realistic goal of improved performance in the 2018 Open.

“For example, we needed Liam to learn how to do muscle-ups. Once we got him on top of the rings for the first time, we moved on to other areas of weakness, like double-unders. Everything was moving in the right direction, I thought.”

Welles vehemently disagreed.

“Stacy’s plan looked good before I entered Battle Royale III, but now that I finished second, I know that coaching is 100 percent to blame. If I can’t immediately win every local competition, what’s the point of having a coach and a long-term plan?”

He continued: “I’m going to qualify for the Games this year, and I need someone who totally believes in me.”

At press time, Welles was researching new coaches on Facebook but confirmed that in the period before he makes his final selection he will “just do whatever workouts Mat Fraser posts on Instagram.”