Amateur Athlete Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Pay for Poor Life Choices

Jenna Shaw is hoping her fans will pay for her to finally live the lifestyle she portrays on social media.

The two-time CrossFit Games regional qualifier and winner of various local fitness competitions that utilize weight-classes has started a funding campaign at Shaw hopes the fund will pay for her travel to an upcoming competition in Miami, and allow her to continue to train full-time.

“After failing to qualify for Regionals this year, I knew achieving my dreams would mean training full-time,” Shaw explained. “I decided to start following my heart, so I quit my job and used my savings to get an inspirational quote tattooed on my ribs.”

Shaw went on to explain that the fund will help her buy supplements, food, workout clothing, and possibly breast implants.

While Shaw has managed to raise 150 dollars in the first few days of her campaign, she is a long way from her $5,000 goal. She attributes her slow start to “haters” who don’t want to see her succeed.

Yet it seems some simply question the wisdom of her decision.

“I’m pretty sure she’s just addicted to attention,” said Craig Masterson, Shaw’s former coach.

Masterson explained that only a year ago, Shaw was enrolled in community college and was pursuing an associate’s degree. “Her life now consists of staging Instagram videos of her performing the Olympic lifts, almost exclusively from blocks, while wearing sports-underwear.”

Casey Smith, Shaw’s friend and training partner, dismissed Masterson’s comments as “jealousy.”

“People act like it’s weird for a 27-year-old woman to ask strangers to turn her expensive hobby into a lifestyle. It’s called having a dream.”