Packers Fan Will ‘Cheer for Favre’ at CrossFit Games

Terry “Big T” Olson of Wisconsin warmly welcomes the CrossFit Games to his state and has declared he will support Brett Favre’s bid to become the Fittest Man on Earth.

When told that the legendary Hall of Fame quarterback did not qualify for the CrossFit Games, Olson acknowledged that he is aware but will not change his position: “I will cheer for Brett Favre.”

Wearing an autographed Favre jersey that has remained unwashed since Super Bowl XXXI, Olson listed a host of stats he believes should give Favre automatic entry into the 11th edition of the CrossFit Games.

“Patrick Vellner and Brent Fikowski have thrown exactly zero NFL touchdowns combined, and they come from a country with sacrilegious three-down football. Favre could take either one’s spot, or both spots,” Olson said, “And while I respect Ben Smith’s fitness, I don’t think you can give a Games spot to a guy who’s thrown less than 508 touchdowns. Cole Sager at least played football, but I obviously don’t cheer for Pac-12 athletes.”

Olson’s wife, Trish, wearing a Cheesehead and green and yellow face paint, showed solidarity with Big T: “This family cheers for Brett Favre. Doesn’t matter if it’s the NBA Finals, a NASCAR race or a high-school baseball game. We show up in Packers gear, and we cheer for Number 4.”

Big T suggested he “might sort of cheer a little for Mat Fraser” because the defending CrossFit Games champ lives in Vermont, which has no NFL team.

“‘Fraser’ kinda looks like ‘Favre’ if you squint. I might throw some love to Fraser—but only if he competes in a Packers jersey.”