‘Honor System’ Successfully Recoups 30% of Original Cost of Gym Beverages

Todd McPherson confirmed Friday that his gym’s “honor box” system has successfully recovered 30% of the money he spent on beverages last month.

The 26-year-old has owned his gym for just over 3 months, and has no previous business experience. When asked about his gym’s financial situation, McPherson produced a napkin from his pocket covered in scribbled numbers.

“I figure if I can get 30 regular clients, I’ll be breaking even.” Once I hit 40 members, I’ll probably be making enough to pay my taxes, phone bill, and whatever else businesses are supposed to pay.”

McPherson, who believes his passion for fitness trumps the need for a detailed business plan, has been hoping to improve client satisfaction by offering a variety of drinks to his members at cost, using the honor system to recoup those costs each month.

“We stock our cooler with bottled water, Fit-aid, and Kill Cliff products,” he told the Overheard Press.

McPherson’s faith in the honor system is based no his belief that “people are inherently good.” He also recommends investing in indoor malls, printed newspapers, and rental tuxedos.

“It’s a proven method for reducing trainer workload and still offering amenities to clients,” he told the Overheard Press. “I’m sure the 70% deficit in our honor-box will be corrected soon.”

At time of press, Mcpherson told the Overheard Press that he was “pretty sure” he had recovered 100% of what he originally spent on beverages, but since he doesn’t keep receipts, he couldn’t be sure. Further investigation revealed that this was the result of a single member, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“I just dropped a 100$ bill in the box because I felt sorry for him,” She explained.