Locals Unsure if CrossFit Enthusiast Actually Ever Wears Shirt

Cedar Rapids— The community surrounding CrossFit Glisten has developed an interesting perspective on longtime member, Antonio Renella. The 40-year-old has a reputation of going shirtless in nearly every conceivable training scenario, and that reputation seems to have followed him outside the walls of the gym.

“I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen him wear a shirt during a workout,” co-owner Jennie Kllowe shared. “He’s been a member of our gym for over 5 years now and I cannot recall a single workout or lift where Antonio hasn’t been shirtless.”

“It gets cold here, really cold in the winters, and our box rarely turns the heat on,” commented long-time member Marty Jannetty. “I genuinely get concerned for his safety. Antonio will walk in here when it’s five below zero outside wearing nothing but board-shorts and knee-high socks.”

One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, shared her experience with Antonio’s behavior away from the gym. “My husband loves to golf and he’s on the course at least twice per week. Antonio is a member of the same club, and my husband often sees him out on the green, completely bear-chested.”

“It’s like he thinks he’s above the country club’s dress code just because he looks so good shirtless.” she added.

U.S. Postal service employee Hank Harmin confirmed that after four years of delivering packages and mail to Renella’s home, he has never seen him fully dressed.

“I always assumed he was a swinger,” Harmin explained. “I’m not into that sort of thing, but damn he looks good for his age.”

Another witness described a scene from a 2016 halloween party.

“It was a costume party at the gym, Ya know, wear costumes, drink vodka, eat paleo treats, the usual. There was a lion from the Wizard of Oz, two Napolean Dynamites, and a bunch of “sexy cats” and “sexy witches,” but Antonio showed up as He was Rich Froning, shirtless and sporting a fake Galatians 6:14 tattoo.”