Actual Nigerian Prince Struggles to Hire Personal Trainer for His Family

Prince Adewale Tunde expressed frustration over the weekend after spending nearly a month attempting to hire a personal trainer in the U.S.

Planning to visit the United States for three months later this year, Prince Tunde decided to proactively hire a personal trainer for his 5 adult children. Tunde contacted dozens of potential trainers from his personal email account, even retaining a private driver to bring all of his children to the gym.

After days of rejection, a friend explained to Tunde that his requests were almost identical to a well-known scam tactic that has plagued the personal training industry for years.

“I was devastated to learn that there were people trying to scam business owners using nearly my exact life situation,” Tunde told the Overheard Press via text message. “I understand why this would cause Americans to become suspicious of Nigerian princes such as myself.”

This was not Tunde’s first experience being mistaken for a scammer. In 2010, Tunde attempted to secure “cross fit” classes for his Italian model girlfriend, Monica Picchi. He tasked a hearing-impaired assistant, Ronald, to make the arrangements via text-messages. Tuned also instructed Ronald to over-pay the trainer ahead of time with a certified check.

“That was another very unfortunate misunderstanding,” Tunde explained. “It saddens me that people would take advantage of others in this way.”

In exchange for his interview, Prince Tunde requested The Overheard Press send a modest bank deposit of 100$ to his cousin, Nigerian Astronaut and Air Force Major Yusuf Tunde, who needed the money to repair his broken spacecraft before reentering Earth’s atmosphere.