Athlete Breaks Personal Record for Most Plates on Bar During Snatch

CrossFit Queens team member David Charbonneau is looking good heading into this year’s CrossFit Games. The New Yorker has set a new personal record, loading a bar with 300 pounds using a combination of 16 different bumper plates.

“The last time I snatched 300 pounds, I did it with only four plates on each side.” Charbonneau told the Overheard Press. ” I knew right after that I was capable of more.”

Fortunately for Charbonneau, he was invited to snatch during a lunchtime lifting session at CrossFit Showboat, an affiliate in upstate New York. The gym was well stocked in 10 pound bumpers, and even had a pair of 5 pound training plates.

Charbonneau’s PR was almost ruined when a friend attempted to load 15 pound bumpers onto the bar half-way through his warmup.

“I just stopped what I was doing and stared at him, hard.” Charbonneau said. “He immediately apologized and loaded three 5-pound training plates onto each side.

At press time, the 31-year-old was attempting to match his 200m swim PR while simultaneously wearing a weighted vest and a floatation device.