PR Squat Attempt Filmed From Behind to Obscure Depth

Planning on flirting with legitimate depth on a PR squat attempt, Larry Haverman of Iowa awkwardly used some change plates to prop his cell phone up on a plyo box behind him to ensure he wouldn’t be picked apart by keyboard warriors on Facebook after posting the video.

To amplify the effect, Haverman selected dark sweatpants and a dark T-shirt, hoping a lack of contrast would further obscure his range of motion.

While most observers thought Haverman was going over squat cues before the attempt, he was actually rehearsing his PR celebration, which would rely heavily on chest thumping with his fist after he turned to face the camera.

The intricate set-up turned out to be unneeded as an overly aggressive load selection drove him deep into the hole with impressive speed. Several athletes confirmed Haverman’s hip crease was clearly well below the knees before he dumped the load behind him, turned off the phone and attempted to hide his wounded pride as he left the facility.