Man with 20 Minute Grace Time Still Mad At Coach for Making Him Scale

Berkley- A local CrossFit athlete admits that he still resents his coach for making him scale his weight during the classic CrossFit benchmark “Grace.”

Gary Finkelstein, who has been a member of CrossFit Chutzpah for three months, arrived at the gym eager to tackle the 30 repetitions of the clean and jerk he had been anticipating since he first read a list of the CrossFit “girls” online weeks earlier.

Though Finkelstein was able to lift the prescribed weight of 135 pounds multiple times during the warm-up, his ability to move the load rapidly deteriorated as the workout began.

“Once again, Gary expended nearly every ounce of his energy making the weight appear as light as possible during the warm-up,” Said head coach Eric Jorgenson. “He ignored all of my instruction to set ego aside and choose a manageable weight. But what do I know, I’ve only dedicated the last 10 years of my life to helping people improve their fitness.”

Jorgensen approached Finkelstein within the first minute of the workout, and gently encouraged him to reduce the weight on the bar by 40 pounds. Witnesses say that Finkelstein grunted at his coach, and proceeded with his attempt to lift the bar for three more reps before Jorgensen put his foot on it and held it to the ground.

“That was uncalled for” Finkelstein told the Overheard Press. “I could have finished that workout as prescribed if he had just let me continue on into the next class time.”