Gym Hosts ‘Emotionally Wounded Warriors’ Competition for Millennials

OAKLAND– On Thursday, over 30 athletes participated in the 2nd annual Emotionally Wounded Warrior Competition. The event, hosted by CrossFit Reparations, brought together men, women, and gender-fluid individuals from around the bay area to throw-down in a event that was as much about healing as it was about fitness.

“You’ve got a whole bunch of emotionally scarred millennials here who aren’t ready to quit. Many have been victims of microaggression, others have felt the pressure of the white patriarchy, and some have even suffered exposure to ideas they don’t agree with,” said CrossFit Reparations coach Dane Meyers.

Meyers himself experienced a traumatic emotional injury in February, when conservative political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos attempted to speak in Berkeley.

During his recovery, Meyers met Olivia Ferreira, who was injured when her college professor openly questioned the accuracy of class-struggle theory. The two became fast friends and Meyers recruited Ferreira to a growing movement among injured millennials who are combating emotional wounds with fitness.

On Saturday, the emotionally wounded warriors threw, swung, and lifted weights, all in an unstructured and assumption-free environment designed to maximize personal expression and autonomy. At the conclusion of the event, all attendees received a participation trophy.

Meyers hopes the event will bring awareness to the fact that not all scars are visible.

“The wounds that come from battling for social justice are just like the problems we are trying to combat. It’s all in our heads.”