Overheard Press Staff Arrives In Carson for 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games

LOS ANGELES— Sitting in the stands of the StubHub Center, Overheard Press editor-in-chief Bruce McConkie admitted that he “might be wrong” about his assessment of the location of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games.

As a swarming mass of Reebok-clad fitness enthusiasts covers the city of Madison, Wisconsin, McConkie and his staff landed in LAX, rented cars, and checked into their hotel rooms at the Manhattan Beach Marriott.

“We owe our fans an apology,” said Deborah Fanning, a public relations specialist hired by the Overheard Press moments after it became clear they had traveled to the wrong city.

Attempts to have on-site contractors in Madison set up the OHP vendor booth on time proved unfruitful.

“Rich Froning was scheduled to help setup the booth on Tuesday, but he didn’t show up,” Fanning explained. “He will not be re-hired in 2018.”

Trevor Bachmeyer was also contracted to help setup the booth, but had been let go following a scandal in which it became clear he had plagiarized his application.

In a press release published early this morning, Fanning assured fans “We are doing everything we can to bring our journalistic excellence to Madison.”