Athlete Astonished That Max-Height Box Jump Attempt Caused Serious Injury

Christian Stetson sustained a concussion today after attempting a 65-inch box jump in an open-gym slot.

Stetson blames both the training staff at the gym and the equipment manufacturer for the concussion, as well a sprained wrist and abrasions to both shins.

Shortly after 7 p.m., Stetson decided to try and break his PR jump by 15 inches, so he set to work constructing a precarious, awkward structure for his leap. He first stacked several piles of bumper plates before placing a 30-inch rigid-foam box atop the foundation. From there, he piled a large number of plates to reach the desired height.

Setting up only a camera but no crash mats, Stetson cranked his favorite jam and took a calculated nine-step run-up toward the tower. Exploding from the floor, Stetson pulled his knees to his chest and soared upward, only to hit the top of the tower with both shins before falling heavily to the floor and smacking his head on a kettlebell he had left nearby after warm-up.

While being tended to by trainers and other athletes, Stetson uploading the video to Facebook and noted that “CrossFit is really dangerous. #forglory”