Legendary Athlete Chris Spealler Lost in Crowd at CrossFit Games

Legendary CrossFit Games athlete Chris Spealler failed to show up for an athlete briefing this morning for the Masters 35-39 Division.

Spealler, who has always been one of the smallest competitors at the CrossFit Games, has spent the last few years packing on size and strength. His efforts have taken him from 145 to 147 lb.

Unfortunately, the seven-time Games competitor’s height remains unchanged. At 5 feet and 5 inches, Spealler has always been at a disadvantage during events that reward taller athletes. As it turns out, one of those events is navigating through a crowded stadium.

On his way to a mandatory athlete briefing, Spealler attempted to move through a crowded area near the Coliseum. Surrounded by a sea of normal-sized fans, Spealler became disoriented, eventually wandering into the Vendor Pavilion.

Spectator Carol Henderson was the first to spot Spealler and is credited with his rescue.

“My 4-year-old son was with me, and he said ‘look mommy, it’s Caillou!”

Henderson immediately recognized Spealler, and saw the look of confusion on his face as he attempted to weave through a forest of drunk fans with man buns.

“When I got to him, he was so nice. He just asked if I could help him find his way to the Coliseum.”

Henderson put Spealler on her shoulders and marched through the crowd. Though Spealler missed the mandatory briefing, CrossFit Games officials decided to allow him to continue in the competition.