Man Believes 41st Attempt at Max Snatch Will Be ‘The One’

After dozens of attempts to snatch a new personal record (PR) of 152.5 pounds, Frank Hershey is pumping himself up for the lift of his life.

Witnesses say the 49-year-old started warming up his snatch during the 6am class at CrossFit Headstrong. He worked his way up to 135lbs and after six attempts, he finally matched his previous best lift of 150lbs.

Trainer Max King allowed Hershey to continue lifting into the 7am class. “It’s just not worth trying to talk him into going home,” King explained. “He’s not even lifting enough weight to hurt himself, so we just wait until he’s tired himself out.”

By 7:45, Hershey had attempted 152.2 pounds more than thirty times, and showed no signs of quitting.

Fellow members of CrossFit Headstrong told the Overheard Press that Hershey frequently attempts max lifts for upwards of an hour, refusing to acknowledge failure until the gym closes or he has to go to work.

“He comes in dressed for war,” said fellow gym-goer Sarah Watts. “You know, knee wraps, wrist wraps, weightlifting shoes, headbands, and a singlet. If you didn’t notice the pathetic amount of weight on his bar, you would think he was a USA Masters Weightlifting competitor.”

King says he has tried to explain to Hershey that lowering the weight and working on his technique would be a better use of his time.

“He always refuses. I actually think he gets some sort of sadomasochistic pleasure from these sessions.”

At the end of the 7 am class, Hershey had been making attempts at the max snatch for 2 hours, each failure looked worse than the one previous.

“I’m giving him one more shot,” King said. “When he’s exhausted to the point where he can no longer tighten his own collars, he will be ready to pack it up for the day.”