Dean Ambrose Rushes Gym After Seth Rollins Viciously Assaulted by Fran

With “Retaliation” suddenly blasting from the gym’s speakers, WWE superstar Dean Ambrose kicked down the door of CrossFit Powerbomb and sprinted into the main gym to help tag-team partner and CrossFit enthusiast Seth Rollins fend off a ruthless, underhanded attack by Fran.

Ambrose, who was not scheduled to wrestle today, ran shirtless at top speed from the gym’s parking lot when departing members mentioned his partner was “really getting his ass kicked.”

Rollins, writhing in pain on the rubber matting after completing the benchmark workout, pretended to look extremely surprised when Ambrose entered the gym, but he was legitimately surprised when Ambrose mistook 57-year-old 5-p.m. regular Helen McClintock for Fran.

An amped-up Ambrose, supercharged by the horrified screams of the seven people in attendance, clotheslined McClintock as she was replacing a mobility band on the rack near the power cages. When an unconscious McClintock did not submit during a lengthy and dramatic application of a crossface chicken-wing, Ambrose tossed the rulebook and turned to a foreign object. Pulling a skipping rope from his trunks, Ambrose viciously choked McClintock/Fran from behind while repeatedly ramming her face into a nearby pile of AbMats.

Barry Tennyson, fearing for McClintock’s life, hit Ambrose from behind with a piece of PVC that snapped across the wrestler’s back and exploded into a thousand pieces. Feigning extreme injury, Ambrose released McClintock and staggered around the gym for a moment before miraculously recovering to kick Tennyson in the groin and apply the signature finishing move Dirty Deeds.

Sherman Hendricks, arriving for the 6-p.m. class, said the bit “was pretty cool, but McClintock’s blood looked totally fake.”