Athlete with 600 Pound Squat Mysteriously Absent for All Running Workouts

Fort Worth- Local CrossFit Participant Mike Bentley has caused his friends and training partners some concern after failing to show up for scheduled training sessions, and even disappearing from the gym without explanation.

The 34-year-old athlete, known to friends as “Massive Mike,” has a reputation of mysteriously vanishing from the gym, even with dozens of witnesses present.

Bentley’s friends first began noticing something was wrong when he would agree to join them for a training session, but fail to show up.

“He wouldn’t show up,” explained Jason Miles, who has trained with Bentley for over two years. “We would call him, text him, drive by his office, but it was like he had left the country.”

Bentley, who is a regular at his affiliate’s Open Gym time, is often seen squatting, deadlifting, and bench-pressing huge amounts of weight. He also holds the top three positions in each category on the gym’s leaderboard.

Soon, fellow gym members noticed a pattern to Bentley’s no-shows.

“If the workout called for a relatively heavy barbell, he’d probably be there,” said Miles. “If the workout involved bi-pedal movement greater than the distance between the squat-rack and the bathroom, Mike vanished as quickly as if he had slipped into another dimension.”

In response to Bentley’s cherry-picking, his trainers stopped posting the gym’s daily workouts online. They hoped that Bentley, no longer able to see the workout of the day ahead of time, might come to a class to work on what was obviously a neglected component of his fitness.

The new policy did not have the desired effect.

“He would just disappear before the workout began,” said trainer Ally Davis. “Quentin is a large man. He’s not stealthy or spry, but his ability to disappear from a crowded gym was ninja-like.”

“If we programmed a 5k run, my guess is that we would never hear from him again. He shows up for the workout, sees something longer than a 200m warm-up jog on the whiteboard, and like that… he’s gone.”