Strict Dieter Sees ‘No Problem’ With 8,000-Calorie Cheat Meal

Leon Specter of Vermont, loosening his belt in a booth at the 24-hour All-In Buffet, spewed bacon bits across the table as he discussed how a cheat meal every three days is helping him stay on track with his diet.

Closely adhering to his own blend of Zone, Paleo, Atkins, intermittent-fasting, ketosis and macro-tracking principles, Specter eats “really well” for eight out of nine meals. On Day 3, he allows himself a cheat meal at dinner, which he claims is a lot like “hitting the reset button” on his metabolism.

Between gulps of maple syrup from a pint glass, Specter explained that since CrossFit Games athletes “aren’t afraid of carbs” he shouldn’t be either.

Specter explained that he’s actually gained weight after starting the diet, but dismissed this setback as temporary.

“That’s just my body responding to the new regime. Once it adjusts to the plan, I’ll be on my way to looking like Dan Bailey,” he said, slamming back a shot of caramel from the ice-cream bar.

Specter said he had slightly greater success when he wasn’t regularly consuming 8,000 calories in a single meal but felt “psychologically exhausted” from constantly denying himself deep-fried Mars bars. By limiting his excess to just one meal every three days, Specter is certain he will reach his health and fitness goals.

Coca-Cola-funded researcher Dr. Philip Morrison confirmed that Specter’s strategy is both healthy and effective:

“As long as he walks his dog regularly and stays active, those 8,000 calories of added sugar won’t be a problem at all.”