Research Reveals How Time is Really Spent During ‘Open Gym’ Training Sessions

A recent survey has revealed that approximately 2 per cent of the time CrossFit athletes spend in the gym is actually spent training.

The survey, which was conducted by Cornell University researchers, looked at over 2,000 self-coached or Open-gym training session by 300 different CrossFit participants between the ages of of 18 and 80.

“We wanted to see what was actually going on in these ‘Open gym’ CrossFit classes” said Don Cawley, lead author of the study and a professor of policy analysis and management at Cornell.”The results aren’t what we expected.”

While researchers predicted that the total time spent training would be only a fraction of the time athetles spent in the gym, they were surprised to discover that the majority of this “non-training time” was spent planning to document that training on social media.

“When we first saw the data, we thought we were reading it wrong,” Cawley explained. “We had no idea that the vast majority of time these athletes spend in Open gym was aimed at filling their Instagram feeds with photo and video giving the appearance that they had been diligently training for hours.”

Another significant finding of the study was that lengthier training sessions resulted in a lower percentage of actual training.

“The longer they were in the gym, the less likely it was that they had done any significant training at all.”