Gym Owner Sets PR by Unsubscribing From Wrist-Wraps Mailing List for 100th Time

With great satisfaction, Becky Warren of CrossFit Irritated clicked “unsubscribe” on the latest edition of the SupahStarz Wrist Wraps newsletter.

After clicking a few more boxes to confirm that she did not want additional updates on groundbreaking advancements in wrist-wrap technology, Warren leaned back in her chair and reflected on her lengthy journey to unsubscribe from the same mailing list 100 times.

With about five minutes to herself before the arrival of the next newsletter from the same mailing list, Warren recalled the first time she absentmindedly unsubscribed from SupahStarz’s correspondence. She thought nothing of the random task until another newsletter popped into her in-box two days later. After three more unsubscribes and four more newsletters, she realized she was in for a workout that would test her stamina and will power.

“I just really feel passionately that custom wrist wraps are stupid, and I didn’t want to read about them anymore,” Warren explained. “I committed to moving beyond deleting the emails and decided to push back by unsubscribing. By the 50th email, I realized that I would never get off the list, but at least I could annoy the spam king managing the list.”

Pushing hard to find the emails in an in-box clogged with legitimate emails, Warren pushed past 80 and 90 unsubscribes, then set her sights on 100. With the three-digit milestone reached, she didn’t have to wait long for her phone to notify her that she could push her streak to 101.

“Oh, look,” she said. “They’ve printed the unlicensed CrossFit logo in a new color this time!”