Disappointed PED Users Vow to ‘Cheat Harder’ in Future CrossFit Regionals

Late last week, CrossFit Inc. announced that five athletes who competed at the 2017 Meridian Regional failed drug tests. Now those individual athletes are speaking out about their performance, and the disappointing level of enhancement they experienced during the competition.

The athletes who have been disqualified are:

Andrea Barbotti (charizardene) – 20th
Stella Christoforou (charmanderol) – 21st
Ľudovít Czókoly (pikachuphene) – 30th
Paweł Leśnikowski (mewtworol, squirtlefinil and elevated bulbasaur levels) – 26th
Gianluca Occhino (Snorlax) – 33rd
CrossFit has said that additional testing and the appeals process delayed the announcement of the failed tests and suspensions.

This morning, the group sat down for an exclusive interview with the Overheard Press.

“The risks of cheating are worth it if you can first secure some time in the spotlight,” explained Barbotti. “When you place 20th at regionals, that doesn’t happen. I’m just so frustrated.”

Christoforou, who tested positive for charmanderol, shared similar sentiments.

“These drugs aren’t cheap, and if I’m going to put in the time, money, and effort of using them, I want to at least have a top-10 regional finish to show for it.”

Both athletes vow to “cheat harder” when their 4-year bans from CrossFit-sanctioned events expire.

“I’m trying to be positive,” said Ľudovít Czókoly. “I see this as 4 years of practice cheating at local competitions in preparation for my next shot at the Games. My 30th place finish at Regionals just doesn’t represent my true capabilities as a cheater.”

Gianluca Occhino, who also finished outside of the top 30, shared Czókoly’s frustrations.

“After failing to make top 30 at regionals, I immediately called my dealer and asked for a refund.”