Guy Planning Double Day Shares CrossFit’s Intensity-Over-Volume Post

Lars Lindholm of Sweden, planning to hit a series of workouts in both his a.m. and p.m. sessions, recently shared @CrossFit’s post about prioritizing intensity over volume.

“Intensity is key,” Lindholm said, adjusting his knee sleeves. “Without intensity, you’re just going through the motions and limiting your results.”

Lindholm, perhaps most famous at his gym for once doing the Filthy 50 as a three-hour AMRAP, said he totally rethought his programming after reading the words of CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman: “Be impressed by intensity, not volume.”

Instead of doing three separate sessions, Lindholm will now hit each section of today’s two sessions at “110 to 120 percent,” beginning with Murph. Following Murph, Lindholm plans to drive the intensity up by hitting Fran plus Helen, followed by Cindy.

After recognizing that intensity simply cannot be sustained for long periods, Lindholm said he will cut the morning session short and leave more in the tank for his evening training, which will involve three to four Hero workouts.

“I’m really glad I saw CrossFit’s post today,” Lindholm said. “It’s a great reminder.”