Woman Kicks off Ninth Attempt at Low-Carb Diet with Farewell Binge Meal

On Saturday, Nancy Salisbury posted photos of her latest pre-diet binge meal, an epic portion of pancakes with maple syrup, gourmet donuts, and a strawberry milkshake. This marks the start of Salisbury’s ninth attempt at following a carbohydrate-restricted diet.

Salisbury’s cousin, Marc Douglass, is a registered dietician and member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. He has encouraged her binge meals, insisting that by gorging herself on all of he favorite foods, Salisbury will satisfy her cravings prior to the start of her diet.

“The body knows what it needs,” Douglass explained between sips of Mountain Dew. “If your body is telling you to eat a Choco Taco, it probably means there is some vital nutrient missing from your diet that can be found in the milk-chocolate coating.”

Despite her cousin’s advice, Salisbury has seen poor results from her repeated attempts at carbohydrate restriction. “My longest run going low-carb has been 8 days,” she admitted. “I just haven’t done a good job of getting my cravings out of my system before hand.”

But not everyone agrees that the pre-diet binge meal is an optimal strategy.

“The need for one last hit of your favorite carbs is a hallmark of addiction,” says drug treatment specialist Stanton Peele. “She will be out on the streets looking to score a waffle in no time.”