Gym Owner Boycotts CrossFit Team Series in Protest of Same-Sex Partnerships

Independent fundamental baptist and gym owner Stephen Anderson has called for a boycott of CrossFit’s 2017 Team Series due to the company’s allowance of male/male and female/female partnerships.

The CrossFit affiliate owner and pastor of Faithful Words Baptist Church has identified CrossFit’s Team Series rules as “an endorsement of the liberal agenda.”

At issue for Anderson is the use of “partners” in the CrossFit Games Team Series. The competition involves two individuals working together to complete a specific workout published by CrossFit. The language on their website reads “Grab your husband, wife, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or arch enemy and pair up for CrossFit’s 2017 Team Series…”

“Our gym has participated in the Open, but allowing men to ‘partner’ with other men is something we can’t stand for,” Anderson told the Overheard Press in an exclusive interview.

“We all know ‘partner’ is a liberal code word for sodomy,” Anderson went on to explain. “CrossFit can follow Satan if they want to, but we’re going to train like God intended- one man and one woman.”

Anderson has not heard back from Christian CrossFit athletes Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, or Cole Sager, but he expects they will support his cause.

When asked to comment on the boycott, and his position on same-sex workout partnerships, Rich Froning responded, “Who is this, how did you get my number?”

CrossFit Headquarters did not respond to a request for interview, but so far Anderson has managed to gather an impressive 15 signatures on an online petition against the company.