Drop-In Athlete Claims He Always Warms up With 30 Strict Muscle-Ups

While traveling for work, CrossFit enthusiast Rich Richardson visited a Denver area affiliate, and was quick to exhibit his gymnastics skills for the entire 6 PM class.

Richardson, a 28-year-old defense contractor, paid the 20$ drop-in fee at CrossFit Grandstand and began warming up on his own shortly before the official start of class. Soon, Richardson, a former gymnast, was performing a variety of obscure and challenging movements on the rings.

“I looked over and he was doing strict muscle ups,” said one witness. “after the tenth rep, we all sort of stopped what we were doing and stared at him.”

Pretending to be unaware that he had become a spectacle, Richardson dropped from the rings and shifted to a series of band-assisted poses, showcasing his knowledge of obscure mobility drills. Soon after, he returned to the rings for another set of strict muscle-ups.

Gym owner Daniel Reede explained that his facility’s proximity to the airport brings them an unusual amount of drop-in visitors.

Richardson told Reede that his routine on the rings was his standard warmup, and seemed surprised that anyone noticed him at all.

“He’s been working on that warm-up for months,” Reed told the Overheard Press.

“Every once in a while we get a visitor who turns out to be a total showboat. The workout was heavy deadlifts and running, so that should tell you something.”