Fans Fail to Recognize CrossFit Celebrity Athlete in Clothes

Margaret Sanchez has over 80 thousand followers on Instagram, but the 24-year-old CrossFit athlete was virtually invisible at a recent fitness competition.

Sanchez, who qualified for the CrossFit regionals once in 2015, is a social media superstar and a sponsored athlete for FitBeast RX apparel, PaleoFace Nutrition, and LiveStrength headbandz.

Asked by her sponsors to attend a fitness competition expected to draw hundreds of spectators, Sanchez made an uncharacteristic wardrobe choice. Instead of wearing her signature exercise underwear, she opted for jeans, a flannel shirt, and a light jacket.

“The Event was indoors, and the last time I went to one of these, I was freezing,” Sanchez recalled.

Unfortunately, her change of attire rendered her virtually invisible to the crowd, most of whom followed her on social media.

Frustrated and confused, Sanchez began wandering the exhibit hall, waiting for someone to recognize her and ask for a selfie. Eventually, she realized what was wrong.

“I finally just took off my pants, and then started bending over and picking stuff up.”

Within minutes, fans who previously looked right through Sanchez were approaching her with looks of recognition and excitement on their faces.

“Hey! I follow you on Instagram,” said one man. “You’re such an inspiration for me.”

Sanchez said her sponsors encouraged her to dress “more appropriately” for her next appearance.

“Her value to our brand is pretty straightforward,” explained one of Sanchez’s sponsors. “Let’s just say nobody is following her on social media for programming tips.”