Local 6-Year-Old Saving List of Frivolous Questions For Mother’s Workout

Local first-grader and avid Star Wars fan, Oliver Thompson, has been hard at work preparing a list of unnecessary questions to ask his mother during her upcoming training session in his family’s garage.

Thompson is no stranger to interrupting workouts. In September, he was reprimanded by his mother for asking her detailed plot questions related to the film, The Lego Batman Movie, during her second round of the workout “Fran” Last week, while his mother was performing “Cindy”, Oliver interrupted her to ask where she had put his shoes. Though his shoes were exactly where she indicated, Oliver was unable to find them, and interrupted his mother’s training no less than 5 more times to complain of his missing footwear.

“Every time I get ready to start the clock, I ask him if he needs anything,” explained Courtney Thompson, Oliver’s mother. “I always tell him it’s going to be a few minutes before mommy can talk to him or help him with anything. It’s like he literally hears the opposite of what I’m saying.”

Positive his mother’s requests to train undisturbed only apply to her previous workouts, Oliver now plans to broach the subject of halloween costumes somewhere during the knees-to-elbows phase of her completion of “Filthy Fifty”.