Macro-Counting Athlete Flaunts Meal of Cocaine and Gummy Bears

Krista Jenkins, author of the popular “CrossFit Mommy” blog, has caused a stir with an approach to nutrition known as “flexible dieting”. The 33-year-old blogger has previously championed the paleo and zone diets, but now argues that both are too “restrictive” and “unrealistic.”

Her new approach, known as “Macro-Counting” allows her to enjoy foods she craves while staying on target for her weight-loss and performance goals.

“I followed a fairly strict paleo diet after having my second child back in 2014, and had great success with it. However, anytime I wanted to indulge in goodies, I felt guilty and miserable,” Jenkins explained.

“No one should have to suffer through following a diet that limits them to healthy foods. Counting Macros is the only dietary approach that makes sense, and I try to make that clear literally every time I post on social media.”

But not everyone agrees with Jenkins approach to nutrition. Patricia Fox, a follower of Jenkin’s blog, pointed out that maintaining a certain weight and body composition aren’t the only important health metrics to consider. “She’s literally doing drugs,” Fox noted. “That can’t be healthy, even if she does look good naked.”

Jenkins dismisses these concerns, arguing that her no-holds-barred approach to nutrition is about moderation, not health.

“Unlike health-focused diets, I’m allowed to indulge in foods I enjoy,” Jenkins explained. “If I can work it into my daily macros, who cares if I have a case of Double Stuf Oreos or a bump of Crystal Meth?”