24-Hour Workout Participant Anticipating Rhabdo After Hour 19

Dave “Give ‘Er” Carson expects to be taken to the hospital close to the end of the upcoming 24-Hour WOD-Pocalypse Now! fundraiser for kidney disease.

Carson, wearing his favorite “Never Quit” T-shirt, figures he can avoid being disqualified from the one-workout-every-hour event if he keeps training while being treated for rhabdomyolysis.

“I figure I can probably do 30 sit-ups for time in the ambulance on the way to the hospital,” Carson said. “And then I’ll try to do a few burpees before they hook up the IVs. Maybe like a 5-minute AMRAP.”

Once the IVs are in, Carson believes his options will be somewhat limited, but he’ll rely on creative scaling.

“I bet I can push the IV stand away from me, then pull it back by the tube attached to my arm,” he explained. “I’d say that’s a pretty solid upper-body push-pull workout. Maybe a 150 reps for time, like Karen.”

He continued: “I expect the doctors and nurses will try to restrain me at some point, so fighting them will definitely count as Workout 23.”

Carson expects increasing resistance and possible sedation by medical personnel, but he plans to ignore common sense to make good on his pledge to train for 24 hours straight.

“I might have to end the event with a max-effort test, like seeing how far I can throw a bedpan or something,” he said. “But I will complete 24 workouts in 24 hours.

“That, I promise.”