CrossFit Announces 2-Day Course on Keeping Chalk in Bucket

CrossFit Training has added a new offering to its list of specialty courses. The new 2-day Chalk workshop will join the growing list of specialty offerings, such as Strongman, Striking, Pose Running, and CrossFit Kids. Given the historic emphasis on chalk through CrossFit’s history, it is not surprising to see the company offering a class to “teach ways to appropriately incorporate chalk into CrossFit training.”

“This course is designed for the athlete who hasn’t developed the coordination or accuracy to rub his hands together while standing still,” explained Josh Everett, lead instructor of the new workshop.

There are no prerequisites to attend the course, but CrossFit does recommend a basic understanding of the principles of standing still, rubbing one’s hands together, and keeping one’s hands inside of a bucket. While some have criticized the course for being “basic,” Everett says affiliates across the country have been sending in emails, requesting to serve as hosts for the training.

“We have been waiting for a course like this,” Said affiliate owner Daniel Redding. “We did ‘Grace’ the other day, and my athletes left the gym looking like Tony Montana’s desk.”

There are currently two courses on the calendar – one in Milpitas, California, on November 22 and one in Somerset, New Jersey on January 19. The cost of the course is $500.

Everrett expects these courses to fill up quickly.

“If you or a loved one has been accused of being a chalk monster, this course is for you.”