Woman Receives Unwanted Attention at Bar After Sit-up Burn Mistaken for Tramp Stamp

Tammy Thompson found herself on the receiving end of some unwanted male attention Saturday night, when her chronic sit-up rash was mistaken for a lower-back tattoo.

The trouble began when Thompson performed the CrossFit workout, “Barbara”, on Saturday morning. The workout, which included a total of 200 sit-ups, left the 24-year-old with a friction burn starting above her tailbone.

“It happens every time I do sit-ups,” Thompson explained. “It typically goes away in a few days.”

Thompson’s plans for that evening included a trip to a popular bar and dance club, with her friends from work. Unfortunately, her outfit failed to cover the wound she received earlier that day.

“I wore a pair of low-slung jeans and a short top. I didn’t think about the fact that people would be able to see the sore creeping up from my pants.”

By 10 PM, Thompson recalls an unusual amount of attention from the men in the bar.

“Normally at least one guy offers to buy me a drink, but this was different,” she recalls. “I found myself surrounded by men with gelled hair and gold necklaces, all trying to take me home.”

One of Thompson’s friends, Trisha Floyd, recalls the situation vividly. “She was getting the worst kind of attention. Men exposing their chest-hair with partially unbuttoned shirts were flaunting their BMW car keys and trying to ply her more drinks.”

Floyd went on to describe some of the pick-up lines that Thompson was receiving.

“One guy actually said ‘How much will $20 get me?’ I threw up in my mouth a little.”

After the initial volley of advances subsided, Thompson realized that her sit-up burn was the cause of trouble.

One witness, who asked only to be identified as “Chad,” confirmed that he mistook Thompson’s tailbone chafe for a tattoo of a red dragon. “What kind of girl gets a red dragon inked on her lower back? The kind of girl that would go home with a dude like me,” Chad explained, as he texted a picture of his genitals to the fake number Thompson had given him.