Athlete’s ‘Sexy Nurse’ Costume Still More Conservative Than Her Typical Gym Attire

NASHVILLE- Local CrossFit athlete Amber O’Conner’s attempt at a revealing Halloween costume was thwarted by her own habit of training in little more than her underwear.

The 26-year-old hair stylist has been a member of CrossFit Ecdysiast for three years, and is always a memorable part of the gym’s annual Halloween Throwdown.

“The [Halloween] party is just a great time to cut loose and get to know people at the gym more intimately,” O’Conner explained. Roughly a dozen men from the gym shared this exact sentiment, thought they all wished to remain anonymous.

At approximately 7pm Saturday evening, O’Conner arrived at CrossFit Ecdysiast dressed in a costume she had ordered online. The “Sexy Nurse” costume consisted of a short, skin-tight dress, white spider-web stockings, and a headband with signature red cross.

Eager to experience a fleeting boost in self-esteem, and armed with enough alcohol to dull the shame that would inevitably follow, O’Conner walked into her gym’s Halloween party wearing what was supposed to be a “scandalous” costume.

“Within minutes, I knew something was wrong,” O’Conner recalled. “The guys from the gym were looking at me, but I didn’t see uncontrollable lust in their eyes.”

O’Conner struggled to figure out why she wasn’t receiving the type of attention she desired, running through mental checklists and making frequent trips to the bathroom to assess herself in the mirror.

“Then it hit me. Even in my short skirt and leggings, this was the most clothing most of the men in our gym had ever seen me in.”

O’Conner immediately went to work. With a pair of scissors she found in the gym’s office, she cut her skirt off completely, opting to wear only her underwear. She also raided the first-aid kit.

“I also grabbed a handful of bandaids we keep around for shin-scrapes. I figured if I wasn’t receiving lecherous stares by 9pm, I could take off my top and use them as improvised nipple pasties.”