Elite Weightlifter Running Seminar Has No Idea How Bar Gets Overhead

Weightlifter Mikhail Radulov, a medalist at both the World Championships and the Olympics, recently detailed the fundamental principles of his US$1,800 two-day seminar, the Max Powerful Barbell System Paradigm System.
“I really have no clue how other people should lift,” Radulov explained. “For me, I was really strong to begin with, and then I took a lot of steroids and became really, really strong. I just grab the bar and pull the shit out of it, and it ends up over my head or on my shoulders. So I just tell people, ‘Be strong and pull hard.'”
Radulov, speaking candidly, explained that his initial 8-second seminars didn’t have the intended effect, so he’s working with a marketing team to flesh out the curriculum.
“We have invented a large number of proprietary coaching drills to fill the time,” Radulov continued. “For example, on Day 1 we spend three hours in which I have the participants watch me train. I usually snatch 210 kilos, and then we break for lunch. Following lunch, I work on clean and jerks for two hours, followed by an abbreviated Q&A before we wrap up.”
Day 2 consists almost entirely of video review of Radulov’s Day 1 lifting, followed by an hour in which he maxes out a front or overhead squat while posting a video of each lift to Instagram. The day closes with a 30-minute practical session in which lifters attempt to better their PRs while Radulov screams at them in Russian.
“At record loads, the lifter must only rely on muscle memory. I tell them to ‘pull hard!’ and we see what happens. Most are too pathetically weak to lift and should take up tennis or soccer. I do not speak to them.”