Rogue Releases ‘The Extender’ Barbell to Accommodate Athletes Who Only Use 10lb Plates

With the holiday season quickly approaching and Black Friday just around the corner, Rogue Fitness has put athletes everywhere on notice with the release of an exciting new product.

The “Extender Bar” is an American-made barbell custom designed to meet the needs of athletes who don’t have time to convert stacks of 10-pound bumpers into single, heavy plates. The bar is 11-feet in bar length and boasts a full 32-inches in loadable sleeve length.

“The Extender was created to combine the same qualities found in a powerlifting bar and an Olympic weightlifting bar,” explained Rogue owner and founder, Bill Henniger. “The difference is The Extender provides athletes with the option of appearing to lift considerably more weight than they actually are.”

In fact, loading The Extender to the limit with nothing but 10 lb plates puts the total weight of the bar just under 400 lbs. 

“But your partner will feel like you’re pulling a thousand,” Henniger explained.

Shortly after the announcement, dozens of young men lined up outside of Rogue’s store in Columbus, Ohio. One prospective buyer, Steve Chode, drove over 300 miles to purchase The Extender.

“I’m not the strongest guy in my gym, so this bar is great for me,” Chode told the Overheard Press. “Even if it’s a gimmick, those extra few inches of light plates really help me feel like a bigger man.”

To promote the new bar, Rogue is offering a 20% discount on 10 lb plates for the entire month of November.