Olympic Lifts Are ‘Too Complex’ to Teach Adults, Claims Local Trainer/Pedophile

BOSTON— A local strength and conditioning legend says that the Olympic lifts are dangerous and unnecessary for adult clients.

68-year-old Gary Boile has long been a critic of CrossFit training, but in an exclusive interview with the Overheard Press, he takes aim at CrossFit’s use of the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch.

Speaking to from a location at least 2000 feet away from any school or daycare, Boile explained his concerns.

“I don’t think that Olympic lifts are for adults. Most adults can’t even get their arms safely over their head, but the supple, hairless shoulders of a child can.”

Boile, who boasts decades of training experience, as well as nearly 50 clients in his Massachusetts gym, says speed and power can be developed in adults using other movements, such as Battle ropes.

“The Olympic lifts put a ton of stress on the shoulders, wrists, knees and lower back. If you’re 7 years old and very fit, Olympic lifts are fine, provided you first meet with me privately to hone the proper form.”

You should never, ever do these lifts racing against the clock, despite what CrossFit coaches often recommend.

Still, Boile says he knows his athletes are tempted to try CrossFit workouts. To prevent them from doing so, he uses a unique strategy.

“I tell them that if the perform high-rep Olympic lifts, I’ll hurt someone they love. It’s kept my young athletes safe and quiet for years.”