Home Fitness App Offers Unsolicited Advice for Realistic Gym Experience

Too busy make it to the gym this holiday season? A new app hopes to motivate users by creating a more realistic training experience from the comfort of home. GloboFit allows users to choose from more than 100 marginally effective exercises, combining them into predictable routines that are sure to challenge you for at least the first few weeks.

What makes GloboFit stand out, however, is the hyper-realistic gym experience it offers. For example, using the app’s unsolicited advice feature, users will experience regular interruptions from their phone, which will offer generally inaccurate or unhelpful critiques of their training.

“GloboFit also uses your phone’s camera to creepily watch you while you train, just like that guy resting between sets of curls at your actual gym,” says Mark Simmons, the app’s lead developer. “But if you look in your phone’s direction, the screen will immediately go black as the app realistically pretends it wasn’t just staring at you”

Simmons says the company is already working on a few updates to the app.

“Version 2.0 will include a feature where the app waits until you start your music playlist to begin talking to you.”