Guy at Office Giving Unsolicited Lifting Advice Actually Dmitry Klokov

Novice weightlifter Jonathan Freid was surprised to discover that his coworker is actually world-class weightlifting champion Dmitry Klokov.

“This guy just wouldn’t shut up with pointers about technique and programming. It was almost condescending.” Freid told the Overheard Press. “One time he slapped my back a few times, muttered ‘muscles no ready’ and just walked away.”

But Freid’s feelings towards these unsolicited tips from his professional peer changed drastically one afternoon when he walked past Klokov’s cubicle.

“I saw a bunch of medals from past world championships pinned to his corkboard. Suddenly I put two and two together like ‘oh shit. That’s THE Dmitry Klokov’. He was always talking about what he could do ‘in his prime’. I thought he was exaggerating about the glory days.”

Of course, Freid now realizes his fellow sales associate was referring to the 2011 World Championships where he put together a 428 kg total.

“I should’ve figured it out sooner,” lamented Freid. “I mean, nobody else wears singlets on casual fridays.”

Indeed Jonathan and his lifting coach Adam Schiff, who recently completed the Crossfit Weightlifting Specialty Course, were caught off guard by the revelation.

“I told my coach this guy at work keeps giving me pointers and he said to just ignore him,” said Freid. “We’re both a little embarrassed after finding out he’s an incredibly qualified former olympian with years of experience at the highest levels of the sport.”

“It happens all the time,” explained Schiff. “Some dipshit coworker or neighbor thinks they’re an authority because they quarter-squatted 405 while playing high school football and they fill my client’s head with pseudo-science. At least 9 times out of 10, they are not Dmitry Klokov. But here we are.”

During their most recent session Freid asked his coach if he should set up for a snatch with his toes forward or turned out slightly. Schiff paused for a moment before asking, “What does that guy at work think?”