Man ‘Scales Up’ Swim Workout by Wearing Weighted Tactical Vest

James Mackenzie’s New Year’s resolution to “take fitness seriously” is off to a perilous start. The 41-year-old software engineer was rescued Wednesday by a team of YMCA lifeguards after he sunk to the bottom of the facility’s indoor pool and did not resurface.

Mackenzie, who frequently wears his 5.11 tactical vest while rowing, foam-rolling, and failing muscle-ups, told the Overheard Press that going for a “weighted swim” seemed like “a good idea at the time.”

“I was just going to work on my butterfly,” he said, as paramedics placed an oxygen mask over his face.

A spokesperson for the Harris County YMCA reports that Mackenzie’s near-drowning wasn’t a surprise to the staff, as it follows a rash of similar events within the facility.

“Since some of our members learned about CrossFit, it’s been chaos here. Barbells have been dropped, dumbbells have been moved away from the mirrors and placed near the single rowing machine in the corner, and someone even asked us to purchase a straight pull-up bar. Just pure chaos.”