CrossFit-Themed Restaurant Specializes in Preparing Wide Variety of Foods, Poorly

NEW YORK–– Fitness enthusiast Daniel Carson has always been passionate about food and exercise, but now the 28-year-old entrepreneur has found a way to merge the two, opening the first ever CrossFit-themed restaurant. Carson describes Burpee Buffet as “a goal-oriented, family-friendly restaurant with a focus on healthy eating.”

“Instead of specializing in making one type of food well, Burpee Buffet aims for constant variety,” Carson explained. One day, we might make some mediocre sushi, and then next day, serve a second-rate lasagna.”

Carson said it was CrossFit’s definition of Fitness that gave him the inspiration for focusing on both breadth and depth of culinary skill.

“None of their individual meals are particularly exceptional,” offered one customer. “And when it comes to really technical foods like croissants or soufflé, they are often barely recognizable. But when you look at the breadth of their culinary skill over the course of a few weeks, I guess it’s sort of impressive.”

Carson says he will continue to innovate menu offerings and expand Burpee Buffet’s options for healthy eating, weight loss, muscle gain, and sports performance.

“Our prerogative is to be generally prepared for any dish a customer might request. We don’t want to have the best coffee, pie, or roast beef in town. We want people to look at us and say ‘wow, those guys make a lot of pretty okay stuff.'”