Veteran CrossFit Athletes Recall When Games Competitors Also Had Real Jobs

Taking time out of their busy schedules to reminisce over the early days of the CrossFit Games, legendary exercisers Josh Everett and Chuck Carswell found themselves dusting off more than memories Wednesday afternoon.

After meeting for a 10’oclock lunch of tuna salad sandwiches, Everett and Carswell began their first hand of bridge. Not long after, they were swapping humorous stories from the CrossFit glory days.

“Remember when athletes had real jobs?” Everett asked with a chuckle. “I’m pretty sure one of the guys I competed against in 2007 was a dentist. Can you believe that?

“These days he would be paying his rent with free protein powder and trying to monetize his youtube videos,” Carswell responded with a dry laugh.

The conversation was briefly interrupted when Everett received a phone call. The man who could once split-snatched 300 pounds now fumbling to understand how to work the “confounded” technology before him.

“Remember when the qualifications for being a Games judge were sobriety and a decent air squat?” Carswell asked with a grin.

“Oh yeah,” responded Everett. “And instead of chasing events with ice baths and massage therapy, we just drank beer and ate hot dogs, like men.”

“Those were the days.”