‘CrossFit Isn’t Just About the Games,’ Says Coach Who Programs 6 Workouts per Day

With the CrossFit Games season rapidly approaching, CrossFit enthusiasts across the world are looking forward to another exciting season of competitive exercise. But not everyone is happy about the explosive growth of the CrossFit Games.

Dianne Shaw, owner of CrossFit Wet Blanket, has been voicing her concerns over the Games on social media.

During the 5 minutes of recovery she allowed herself after performing ten sets of three speed-squats at 65% of her max, Shaw wrote the following on Facebook:

“The Games have really changed the way people view CrossFit. Now instead of attracting clients who want to improve their health, we are seeing more and more clients who just want to compete in ‘The Sport of Fitness.'”

Shortly after, she returned to complete the next phase of her training, a 20 minute skill-development session for ring-handstand push-ups, careful to save energy for the 10 minute metcon still to come.

The next day, Shaw granted an exclusive interview to the Overheard Press. She offered her opinion that the culture of CrossFit itself was changing because of the growth of the Games.

“People only see CrossFit as a professional Sport now, not as a fitness program for regular people,” Shaw explained, pausing to direct her 9am class to transition to the “B Phase” of their workout, an EMOM of High-hang snatch pulls from blocks, loaded to precisely 85% of their training 1 rep max.

Shaw claims CrossFit Wet Blanket has been spared from these influences, largely thanks to her “old-school” mentality.

“We just focus on the basics around here, you know, high-volume multi-event training sessions that are the hallmark of developing general physical preparedness.”

But she remains disappointed that her fellow affiliate owners are giving in to what she calls the “Games craze.”

“All around I see people looking for more competitive, Games-focused atmosphere. What happened to the days when grandmothers and fire-breathers worked out in the same class?”